Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation
Consumer Services Unit
The Commissioner of Financial Regulation (“Commissioner”) is responsible for supervising Maryland State-chartered banks, credit unions, and non-deposit trust companies (collectively “Institutions”) and for supervising entities providing the following financial services to Maryland consumers, including, consumer and installment lenders (including “payday” lenders), sales finance companies, mortgage brokers, lenders, servicers, and loan originators, check cashing services, money transmitters, debt management businesses, credit reporting agencies, credit services businesses (collectively “Licensees”). The State Collection Agency Licensing Board is responsible for supervising collection agencies (“Board Licensees”).
Before you begin:
If your complaint involves one of the above listed entities, it is recommended that you contact the entity(ies) to resolve the matter prior to submitting a complaint. When contacting the entity, please make every effort to ensure that the person with whom you communicate is authorized to resolve your dispute.
If you are unable to resolve the complaint directly with the entity, the second step is to determine if the financial entity is supervised by the Commissioner.
If you believe that the party who is the subject of your complaint should be licensed by the Commissioner, and is not licensed, you should file a complaint.
Filing a Paper Complaint Form:

If you would prefer to file a complaint form, you can do so here: www.labor.maryland.gov/forms/frcomplaint.pdf

Detailed instructions for filing the form with our office are contained in the form itself.
Your complaint will be assigned to an Examiner who will handle your complaint and who will reach out to you shortly after being assigned to your complaint.
Be advised any information that you provide may be forwarded to an Institution, Licensee, Board Licensee, or any other individual listed in your complaint.

Should you have any questions regarding the Commissioner’s complaint resolution process or a complaint you have filed with the Commissioner, do not hesitate to contact the Consumer Services Unit at (410) 230-6077 or Toll Free at (888) 784-0136 or visit the Commissioner’s webpage at: www.labor.maryland.gov/finance/

Before you submit or mail your complaint:
• Proof read the information you have provided and make sure it is correct.
• Enclose copies (NOT ORIGINALS) of documents related to your complaint.
• Please make sure to sign and date the form.
The Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation complies with all applicable federal and State laws regarding discrimination. The Commissioner does not base findings concerning complaints on a person’s age, ancestry, color, gender identity and expression, marital status, race, or any other protected status. However, in an effort to ascertain trends regarding complaint data, we ask that you voluntarily provide the following demographic information.
Demographic information will not be shared with the person or entity who is the subject of your complaint.
What category best describes you?
Gender Identity:
Veteran/ Military Status:
Are you eligible to declare veteran or military status?
If yes which best describes your status?
(Confirmation email will be sent to this email address. Enter N/A if you do not have an email address)
Do you have an attorney or representative agent assisting you with this complaint?
If so, do you authorize the release of information to the below listed individual?
(If more than one, use separate Complaint Form for each complainant)
Did you contact the person or entity about your complaint?
Did they respond?
If so. nature of response:
Is Court Action Pending on this complaint?
Proposed Resolution - What would be an acceptable resolution to your complaint?
Attach Files in regards to complaint
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Check below if you are filing this complaint for informational purposes ONLY.
(By checking this box the office will not reach out to the person or entity you are complaining about)
** Please read carefully, before signing and submitting your complaint. **
By signing this complaint, I certify that all the information supplied in this complaint form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I also authorize the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation to speak on my behalf regarding my loan or account with the person(s) or entity(ies) listed in this complaint (unless this complaint is filed for information purposes only). I further have no objection to the contents of this complaint being forwarded to the person(s) or entity(ies) listed in this complaint. Further, in filing this complaint, I understand that the Commissioner of Financial Regulation can neither guarantee any certain resolution to this complaint nor provide me with legal advice. Should I have questions concerning my legal rights and responsibilities, I will contact an appropriate legal services provider.
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